In memory of Tamara Kato

Tamara Kato

Dear Friends and Colleagues of Tamara,

Though I don’t know many of you personally, I know your paths have crossed with Tamara’s at various times, and that she has made an impression on you, as you have on her. Tamara passed away last Sunday, February 19. I know this is especially shocking to some of you who corresponded with her regularly, as Tamara and I had elected to keep things “under wraps” from most everyone; in part, because things progressed so quickly, and also because it was my way of coping.

Tamara had been feeling symptoms of illness (indigestion: she felt embarrassed – not concerned) since around the new year, but continued her torrid work pace through January. It was not until the second week of this month that cancer in her upper intestinal region was identified. She had been hospitalized at City of Hope since Sunday, February 12. Ultimately, it was not the cancer, but liver failure that took her. She was lucid and alert until Sunday morning, and her passing was swift. Some of you had heard Tamara was ill and sent your best wishes for a speedy recovery. I read those messages to her, and she acknowledged and appreciated every one of them. We (our daughters and I) celebrated her 61st birthday with her last Wednesday. It was bittersweet, but nonetheless, a good day.

Though not devoutly religious, Tamara was a spiritual individual, and has chosen to be cremated. I have asked some of her business colleagues, whom I know, to assist me to arrange an open memorial service that will, hopefully, be accessible to you and the many people whose lives she touched. I don’t know when yet … I’m guessing maybe in a couple weeks … and will let you know when those details are available. It will likely be on a Saturday or Sunday evening, as I know Tamara would not want to take any of you away from the work you do, nor our Comfort Keepers caregiving staff from servicing a client.

Looking ahead, the company won’t be the same without her, but Emily, her right hand and office manager, and I will be doing everything we can to maintain Comfort Keepers as Tamara worked so hard and intended it to be. Please give Emily all the help and support you can, and forgive me for what I’m sure will be numerous shortcomings in the future. Know that I am and will be strengthened by Tamara’s drive and memory, as I hope you will too.

Besides me, her most frustrating employee and husband, Tamara is survived by our daughters, Marissa (24) and Mikaela (18). We are doing alright, and appreciate your prayers and support.

Thank you.

David Kato

Memorial Tribute:

What a gentle, calming and elegant presence you were in my life, Tamara! It hurts to say 'goodbye' so soon. May God Bless you and keep you close till we meet again.
-Lorine Stoikowitz
Tam, I was speechless to learn about your passing. It was unexpected. I didn't get a chance to tell you how you'd touched my life. You will always be remembered. Rest in peace.
Tamara, I will miss your smile, and positive demeanor. Whenever I asked for your help you were there for me. You always were willing to help without asking for anything in return. I know God took you way to early, but I know that I will see you again in heaven. Thank you for being my friend.
-Steve Sciurba
Tam, you will be missed by so many who new you and got to know the kind, positive, gentle and caring human being you were. God bless your family as they continue in this life with memories of you and honoring you in everything they do.
Tamara, It\'s incredible how we hug and said hello many times, then one day you are no longer with us, will it be safe to say that God needed you? he had plans for you. It was my pleasure to have known you, your vibrant attitude always light up the room. You will be missed! Rest in Peace.
-Vilma Escalante
Tamara, Your kind and smiling countenance always made me feel so welcome. You are a true patient and family advocate. It is truly a loss that we won\'t get to see you on this plane of existence. You are here in spirit, for sure. Rest in peace, sweet lady.
-Stephen Carmody
Tamara, the news of your passing was devastating. You are greatly missed already and it will continue to be so. We shared many a phone call, text, email and conversation about ideas, strategies and experiences. I so admired your energy and commitment and unfailing ability to remain upbeat no matter what. You did not belabor setbacks and always determined to move forward or around without delay. I can imagine you left this world in much the same way. Accepting what is and moving on with grace, making sure the bases were covered, contingencies in place, and that you honored what you\'d promised. You are missed and will not be forgotten as you left this world a better place. My heart goes out to your family and to Emily.
-Dorothy Dougherty
Tamara,i am still dumbfounded by your passing and it is difficult to believe!
Dearest Tamara, even though I only knew you a short while, you were always so friendly, welcoming and kind to me. You will be truly missed by many and we know you are with us in spirit. My deepest condolences to everyone for your loss.
-Nancy Ruffner
Tamara, You were instrumental in my life in so many ways, you were an encouraging to all around you to help us reach for the heights, to be more as a person, as I group. So much energy, so much enthusiasm and so much light you brought to all of us who had the privilege to know you. You have made me a better person, a better leader, may you rest in peace till we see each other again! Frank
-Frank Cunningham
Tamara thank you for being such a wonderful, vibrant, positive person. Your energy and passion for helping Seniors was contagious along with your commitment to MAPS. Our hearts go out to your family and friends.
-Kathy Abbott-Mayer
Tamara's whole face smiled and she always made a person feel valued and welcomed to any event or gathering. She was kind, sincere, and dedicated. She will be missed.
-John Schaefer
Tamara, over the years we shared many idea\'s and had some good laughs. You were always kind and friendly and made me feel welcome at whatever event we saw each other at. I was so surprised to hear about your passing. May God be with you and your family.
-Cindy Dixon, Special Care Nursing
You always had a great smile and treated everyone with respect. RIP Luanne
Thank you Tamara for all you work, dedication and commitment to the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California. Your tireless effort helped to create a haven and safe place for individuals and families affected by rare bleeding disorders. You will be missed by so many.
-Michelle Kim
Tamara, You were an inspiration to all of us who volunteer to work for the people with hemophilia and bleeding disorders. Your contibutions and your leadership skills will be missed greatly.
-Richard Metz
Tamara, thank you for extending your kind heart to me those years ago when I started my senior business. You were an open, friendly and positive influence to those around you. You\'ve inspired so many, comforted even more and will be missed by all.
-Sheri Alford, Senior Move Manager
Tamara, you were so welcoming, always smiling, never complaining or had a negative word to say. You were truly an angel on earth. You should know that you touched our lives in such a positive way. We will miss you but not forget you. God bless you and your family.
-Gayle Barnes
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